Blue Lagoon Island, also known as Salt Cay, is a private island located 3 miles from Nassau. A scenic 20 minute ferry ride will take you to this remote oasis known for its calm lagoon, pristine beach and natural unspoiled beauty. For over 20 years now, Blue lagoon has been home to an extraordinary marine habitat, where guests can be one on one with Dolphins and Sea Lions. Each activity begins with an interactive orientation that includes background on all featured animals, an introduction to their habits and lifestyles as well as information on ocean conservation and watchable wildlife.


Each guest can expect a unique experience that brings you closer to an Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin than you ever dreamed possible! On the Dolphin Encounter float, you stand on a waist-deep submerged platform and experience a heart-warming kiss, a hug, a dance and opportunities to rub the dolphin. Your dolphin trainer combines elements of hands-on contact, education, fun, laughter, and adventure to make this an unforgettable experience.


A unique opportunity for a playful, educational interaction with these wonderful animals in the beautiful turquoise waters of a natural ocean lagoon. Once in your life jacket, experience the joy of a dolphin kiss and fall in love with their gentleness as you hug a dolphin in your arms. Dance and sing with our stars then marvel at the dolphin’s strength as you are propelled across the lagoon in the finale behavior, the foot push! In this program, Trainers focus on allowing everyone to enjoy a high degree of interaction with the dolphins as they teach you about these animals in their natural habitat.


Get an up close introduction to the California Sea Lions. One of the few programs of this kind in the world, it will be a unique adventure you will never forget! From a submerged platform, you will kiss, hug, feed and play with these affectionate and humorous marine mammals and see the sea lions habitat too. **Exclusive encounters can be booked based on availability.


There’s no better time and no better place to meet a new friend. Enjoy an unforgettable experience as you interact with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins as they show you just how playful they can be. In the Shalow Water Interaction at Dolphin Cay, you wade in waist-deep waters to watch these playful animals show off their amazing athletic abilities. Then come nose to bottleose for an unforgettable, up-close experience as you touch, hug and even kiss your new dolphin friend.


In the depths at Dolphin Cay, a one-of-a-kind dolphin experience awaits. This wide-open dolphin playground is yours to explore. Snorkel and glide alongside a dolphin with a hand-held water scooter. Then get ready for the highlight of your deep water swim, our signature “foot push,” where you’re propelled across the lagoon by a dolphin for a rush unlike any you’ve experienced.


Let your horse be your guide on a journey through the woods then off to the beautiful nearby beaches all while taking in the spectacular sceneries of the Bahamas. The pace is leisurely and no special experience is necessary. The stables are situated on 2.3 acres of prime property, about 15 minutes from the beach by horseback. The various trails lead mostly to the beaches of Coral Harbour and Adelaide, a nearby village and alongside the natural lake of Corrie Sound. The pace is leisurely and no special experience is necessary to enjoy a wonderful horseback ride! Prior to departing on your guided trail, a short informational tour of the facility and riding instructions will be given by your tour guide. The stables are open year-round for riding on horses chosen for their safe temperament.


Escape Bay Street’s busy downtown strip, as you slow down and explore the city’s charming off-the-beaten path sites and experiences on our signature Bites of Nassau Food Tour. You’ll enjoy delicious authentic food and drink tastings from six (6) local restaurants, specialty stores and ethnic eateries in the heart of this storied downtown neighborhood. Our guided tour will satisfy your appetite with a hearty dose of fascinating Bahamian history, architecture and culture. Food tastings are enough for a hearty lunch, however, lunch menus available upon request. Vendor has the right to change lunch items without notice. Tours run daily, Monday- Saturday, year round except for Public Holidays and select block out dates. With this tour you will receive exclusive tasting location coupons and a signature recipe collection.


Enjoy a beautiful morning or afternoon Snorkel/Sail adventure for your group aboard a state of the art sailing catamarans. As the catamaran glides through the Caribbean Seas, drifting over reefs teaming with exotic wildlife you and your guest get a taste of an out of island experience. Then, go to snorkel the most exciting and lush reefs in the Bahamas. All snorkeling equipment and instruction for first time snorkeling provided. You also have the option to custom cater your event with an extensive variety of menus to choose from.


The Bahamas is well known as one of the great sport fishing destinations of the world, with calm water most of the year and very little travel time to get to the fishing grounds. Less than a quarter mile off Nassau and Atlantis’s Paradise Island, you are deep-sea fishing, on the north side of Nassau and Paradise Island, you are in 1,000 feet of water 15 minutes from the dock and 4 miles off you are fishing in 6,000 feet of water. You will discover that sport fishing off Nassau is unlike any other big-game fishing experience you’ve ever had. Sport fishing in Nassau is truly an event! Take a shot at Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin & Blackfin Tuna, Mahi-Mahi (Dolphin) and Wahoo. The stories you come back with may be as big as the catch!


Enjoy Nassau and the good life from the exclusive luxury of Graycliff and delve into the mysteries of world class cigars and rums. You learn from the masters how to sort, clean and roll a cigar. If you’re a cigar aficionado, you will love the history lesson with the secrets of where the best tobacco leaves come from and what blends of select leaves make the award winning Graycliff Cigars. Paired with the art of world class cigar making, is the appreciation of some of the Caribbean’s finest rums like Mount Gay, Barbacourt, Bacardi and many more. Participants are presented with a complimentary cigar and cigar cutter and they get to keep the cigar they’ve rolled.


Enter the world of chocolate for a fully-interactive experience from roasting beans to creating scrumptious confections. The Graycliff Chocolatier begins the journey with the surprising history of chocolate and its new Bahamas home, trace the provenance of regional cocoa beans, and learn the importance of promoting fair trade and organic farming. Exploring the factory, see how cocoa beans become scrumptious candy and get hands-on as these gems are roasted and ground into cocoa powder, mixed into liquid chocolate then poured into sculpted moulds. Graycliff’s Chocolatier demonstrates techniques for dipping, glazing and using moulds to craft bars, bits, bonbons, truffles, barks and cocktail pops. Become an artist creating unique chocolate masterpieces with the finest Graycliff chocolate paired with the freshest Bahamian mango, lime, sea grapes and genips; as well as the most savoury and unlikely: sweet tomato, basil and bacon. Then taste the finest chocolate from white and milk to the richest levels of dark. All creations are packaged in a Graycliff Chocolatier box and presented with a Certificate of Completion as a souvenir.


Graycliff Restaurant, one of the Caribbean’s first Five-Star restaurants is offering a Bahamian culinary trip with the Executive Chef. This experience will take place in the Graycliff Kitchen and will involve an interactive demonstration and participation where guests prepare the meal they will consume for lunch. Guests will learn some Bahamian culinary traditions which they will be able to replicate at home. This experience will also include a tour of Graycliff’s world renowned wine cellar with the master sommelier.
Guests are then invited to taste their creations and discuss culinary ideas with the chef and sommelier. Lunch will consist of the items prepared during the lesson – an appetizer, main course and dessert, along with a glass of wine (or non-alcoholic beverage). Guests will be given an apron, recipes and participation certificate. No prior experience or equipment required. No use of kitchen equipment such as knives, stove etc. will be done.


The island of Nassau in the Bahamas is rich with history and culture. This tour takes you to some of the most important and monumental spots on the island. You go through the historic downtown area as well as the beautiful country side. The tour includes the ancient forts where pirates used to attack and hide in, Fort Fincastle and Fort Charlotte. Over in downtown, you see the Water Tower and the lovely colonial architecture in the historic Parliament Square that was built in 1815. Staying in downtown, you also observe the House of Assembly, the old Colonial Secretary’s Office, and the Supreme Court which features a fantastic statue of Queen Victoria. If you are interested in history or folk tales, this is the tour for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides will be on hand the entire trip to enhance each destination with stories, facts, and information.


While a large variety of the shopping in the Bahamas features items unique to its culture, for the bargain shopper, the Bahamas is a low-priced paradise! Get in on the deals, as you will head directly into the heart of the shopping district with a trip to Bay Street. Here, the high end meets the locally crafted. Whatever you seek—from perfume to antique—can be found in the shops on Bay Street!


Embark on a tour of the senses with divine dishes and alluring art. Let our Art and Dine tour give you a double serving of Bahamian culture with a delicious twist on their Gallery Hop. This all-inclusive experience works up your appetite with a walking tour of The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, The Antonius Roberts Studio and Gallery at Hillside House, The D’Aguilar Art Foundation or The Central Bank of the Bahamas Art Gallery, then offers up a sampling of public art works around Downtown Nassau. Finally you can reflect on your journey and enjoy a savory lunch at Hillside House courtesy of The Distinguished Palate.


Sea Señor is here to provide you with an experience of a lifetime. Whether you want to relax on a serene beach or have an adventurous trip, we offer it all. Aboard our luxurious catamaran, we offer spacious double berth cabins with ensuite laboratories and stall showers. We have a fully equipped kitchen and plenty of room throughout the boat for entertaining.
No request is too small or too big. From the moment we meet, you are taken care of by one of our friendly and professional staff. You can spend days out on the catamaran exploring and sunbathing. In the evenings, no city lights are visible, which allows you to completely relax under the star-lit sky.


The Heritage Museum of the Bahamas is a collection of items spanning more than a 1000 years covering natural history, Columbus, Piracy, Slavery etc. A new enriching attraction that will leave visitors more knowledgeable and appreciative of various eras in Bahamian history has opened in Nassau. It is located in the famous Mountbatten House on Nassau’s Wes t Hill Street, across from the Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant. Mountbatten House was built approximately around 1850, and the new museum’s rooms are filled with artifacts and documents that satisfy one’s curiosity.
Developed by a family who strongly believe in culture and history, the Heritage Museum has historic information and artifacts that range from the pre-historic times to today, and reflect on eras in The Bahamas. The restoration of the Mountbatten home, took one year and reached 6 figures. The Museum is on the upper floor and the lower floor will house dining, entertainment and attractions. Partnering with their friend, Hamilton White, a well know British antiques collector, White made many of his collections available through the Hamilton White Foundation. “Their plans seemed like a natural fit for me –the right people to work with, an incredible historical building and perfect timing for such a great opportunity,” said Mr. White.
Traditional Teas as well as Bahamian “Bush Tea” will be served along with local and traditional finger sandwiches and sweets.


Relish the taste of an array of Nassau’s alluring brews and appetizers while diving into the sensational stories of this former Pirate’s Republic and visit the first and only craft brewery in the country!
Quench your thirst for beer and pirate history at famed Pirate’s Pub, where Blackbeard, Captain Morgan and other mischievous characters come alive. Revisit a time when pillaging was the order of the day and treat yourself to Grand Bahama’s golden treasure – Sands Beer, coupled with the bar’s signature chicken wings!
Next, parade to Hillside House and join in the revelry of the Bahamas’ national festival, Junkanoo. Try your hand at shaking the cowbell or beating the goatskin drum after tasting samples of Kalik, which happens to pair perfectly with classic Bahamian delicacy, conch fritters!
Finally, take a tour of Pirate Republic Brewing Co. and see how the country’s first and only craft beers are made! The newly renovated historic property is the perfect place to kick back and experience their extraordinary brews while munching authentic German pretzels with homemade mustard!


Looking for Looking for Blackbeard, the Bahama Queen, or the Real McCoy? Our rum-tasting walking tour in the heart of downtown Nassau takes you on a journey back to pirate-plundering and rum-running days, when rum and other spirits played a rich and colorful role in Bahamian history.
Journey over to Pirate’s Pub for a swig o’ their demon water, and delve into a time when inebriated pirates roamed these very streets. After sampling some rum-infused delicacies at Hillside House and boozy handcrafted chocolates at Graycliff Chocolatier, wash it all down with rum samples and a cocktail at John Watling’s Distillery. Become familiar with profiteering tales of old when these historic properties stored liquor for ocean transport across illicit passages of the Gulf Stream from Nassau’s Harbour. Strap on your boots and grab your satchel for a jolly good time – you’ll want to carry some of this elixir home.


Take in the amazing underwater world of the Bahamas through a scuba experience that will leave you in awe! Dive sites may include wreckage such as a 100-foot freighter 50 ft. beneath the surface or an amazing underwater wall. Wherever your dive master takes you, is guaranteed to be filled with a kaleidoscope of coral gardens and aquatic life! A professional staff determines the particular dive locales on the day of the diving adventure. This allows our crew the flexibility to lead dives to the most ideal destinations for that specific day, according to weather conditions and the requests of our patrons.


This amazing snorkel adventure takes place on one of several custom built boats such as the fan favorite, Zambezi. The twin- engine vessel was designed with snorkeling in mind. It offers a large upper sun deck for relaxing during the short rides between sites, a broad beam (width) so you have lots of room, and a large platform in the rear for easy entry and exit. It also has a work counter, fresh drinking water, a cooler for snacks, fresh water showers, and storage for all snorkeling equipment on board to make the trip more comfortable.
Exact sites are chosen at the time of the trip based on any specific requests from guests and weather conditions to find the calmest water with the most marine life each day. Stops include a variety of spectacular shallow reefs, shipwrecks. At these sites, typically the bottom is at 10-25 feet.
If the weather permits, a 3rd location allows you to experience an incredible thrill of snorkeling with Caribbean Reef Sharks!


Experience the underwater world around the Bahamas in a way you’ve never seen before! Join the fun crowd of thrill seeking SUB aquanauts for an undersea experience that you will tell all your friends about. Easy, extremely safe, fun, and no scuba or snorkeling experience needed! Experienced and highly trained staff are assisting you every step of the way. Entering the water, you and your fellow SUB pilots are completely familiarized with the simple controls and communicating with hand signals. The seahorse shaped submarine propels around the coral reef and colorful fish at a speedy 2 knots. It is truly an experience hard to find anywhere but in the Bahamas!


The best experiences in life are real! There is nothing virtual about this experience. It’s Formula One action on the water. You are actually racing onboard multi-million dollar International America’s Cup Class yachts. Grab the wheel and steer to victory or sit back and enjoy the exhilarating ride – no prior sailing experience is necessary, just a desire to win…Your heart is in your mouth as these stunning yachts bear down on each other with only inches to spare. The outcome of the race is determined by you and your crew’s ability to out-maneuver your opponents.
Following the race, you have the opportunity to swap positions with our professionals and have some one-on-one time to see if you have what it takes to get you to the next America’s Cup! This experience is truly unique – Nassau is the only venue in the whole of the Caribbean and East Coast of the US where you can jump onboard an International America’s Cup Class yacht and go racing. Up to 200 guests can be accommodated on a one-day program, with four races. Numerous options exist for customizing your program – ask about our Team Building, Regatta Events and the Branding & Merchandise opportunities!


The Exumas Cays lie 40 miles south east from Nassau. They are made up of over 360 islands and cays and run for approximately 120 miles from north to south. Mostly uninhabited, The Exumas’ crystal clear waters are the envy of the Caribbean, and you get the chance to see this tropical paradise on a day that introduces you to the Bahamas as they should be experienced!
Boarding a twin, 45′ custom built, state-of-the-art high speed power boats, you head toward Exquisite Saddleback Cay, just 40 miles from Nassau in the Northern Exumas. Upon your arrival, relax and unwind on one of the seven uninhabited be aches. Just off this island paradise lies a perfect isolated sand-bar just right for exploring. Take a leisurely stroll, gather sea shells or soak up the sun. Don’t forget your camera – this is one incredible photo opportunity. Below the water is just as idyllic as above. Snorkel the shallow coral reefs teaming with colorful tropical fish. Encounter gentle stingrays, groupers and conch in their incredible natural environment. You may even see migrating turtles and dolphins.
After your busy morning, take in a bite to eat to get your energy back up for the afternoon. Nestled under tropical foliage and shaded by palm-thatched roofs is a fabulous array of split level dining decks where you can savor authentic Bahamian cuisine. Cool breezes and amazing views.
After lunch, meet and feed the locals! Many different species of sharks, barracudas and stingrays are present in the waters around Saddleback Cay and there is an array of beautiful tropical fish just waiting to be fed! As the sun begins to set and you make your way back to Paradise Island, visit Leaf Cay, another island in the breathtakingly beautiful Exuma cays, where dozens of friendly Iguanas just waiting to meet you or take a tasty treat from your hand. Hint: Grapes are a favorite! After your full day of Bahamas islands experience, board the vessels again to take you back to Paradise Island. The tan made fade, but the memories you made won’t!


Take a ride on an exhilerating powerboat to the beautiful Rose Island, Bahamas. Once you arrive to your very own private island, begin the day snorkeling, kayaking, or lounging on the beach or on one of the many hammocks tucked away amongst the lush foliage. Feel like a kid again and take a tube ride as you glide on the most gorgeous blue waters of the Bahamas. Bask in the sun on a water float or join other guests in a game of volleyball or dizzy lizard. Rose Island offers a truly memorable experience that your guests will have for a lifetime.
Guests are able to enjoy cocktails at the Beach Bar, perched atop one of Rose Island’s highest points and overlooking the beautiful serene waters and white sand. Attached to the beach bar is the north deck, encompassing the most spectacular views of the island. Guests can relax on the comfy outdoor couches, sip a drink on one of the many Adirondack chairs, and hear the sweat island music for a truly one-of-a-kind Bahamian experience. Your private beach awaits you!

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